A downloadable cablegame for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Kaapelipeli - The Cable Game Demo is the official demo-version of the World's only cable game!

Guide the lonely project engineer to the transformer while avoiding angry landowners and endangered animals. Use W, A, S & D & Space/Tab or on-screen buttons to move and mouse buttons to interact. 

Can you reach the last transformer in one piece and secure the 1st place and earn the title of  best planner?

BUY Full Version (for a price of a coffee cup) on STEAM here


Dive in the world of Kaapelipeli: The Cable Game Wiki here


Listen Soundtrack here:


Game's Credits can be found here: 



Kaapelipeli The Cable Game Demo Linux x32.zip 272 MB
Kaapelipeli The Cable Game DEMO win x32.zip 250 MB
Kaapelipeli The Cable Game DEMO win x64.zip 255 MB
Kaapelipeli The Cable Game mac-x64.zip 284 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip-file, extract it to convenient location, locate the exe/app-file and play :D 

Please notice that file is very laarge and therefore startup time may be loonger than usual.

Note: Windows will probably warn you that file is "unsafe", you can still run it anyways without worry :)  

Another Note: Macs will probably warn you that this is from " unidentified developer", you can bypass it this way: Control-click the app icon, then choose Open from the shortcut menu. The File itself is safe!

Read Hello & readme.txt when you have time :)

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